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Convenient parking, all from your phone.


Convenient. Real-time. Eco-friendly.

Attract more visitors with smart parking for connected cities. MetroPark smart parking is a convenient app that helps drivers find and pay for vacant parking all from their smartphone.

The innovative technology featuring dual detection and flush-mounted in ground sensors, will identify available car parks and alert app users in real time, all whilst providing your organisation with effective and efficient enforcement. This open platform app has generous capabilities to include third party integrations, which make thorough reporting and data analysis effortless and streamlined.



The MetroPark app significantly decreases traffic congestion and contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, as app users will no longer need to circle around an area numerous times looking for a park and hold up other motorists. Local car parks and streets will become safer places as there will no longer be people driving around looking for that elusive park.

Plus, by eliminating paper tickets and excessive car exhaust pollution, MetroPark is contributing to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable city. Your council zone is set to become more progressive and eco savvy place.

Solar powered solutions

Solar powered solutions

Dual detection in-ground sensor

Dual detection in-ground sensor


Motorists will enjoy stress free journeys, with more time to shop, meet friends and family or attend important meetings and appointments, contributing more wealth to local businesses and organisations and boosting your commercial district.

Improve efficiency and accuracy of parking monitoring with the automated MetroPark app in your council area.

Produced by one of Australia’s leading technology companies, MetroPark is set to lead the way in cutting edge solutions to make parking easier for your organisation and visitors.



The MetroPark application offers:

  • Real-time information of parking space availability
  • Accurate occupancy data through dual detection sensing technology
  • Optimised parking space utilisation
  • Optimised enforcement management
  • Improvement in the traffic flow due to smart guidance
  • Greater visibility into parking analytics such as usage and vacancy periods based on the real-time and historical data
  • Open platform data integration


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On-street Smart Parking in City of Playford


According to ABS2017, the City of Playford has had the strongest population growth of any LGA in South Australia in the recent years. With a growing demand for health services at the Lyell McEwin Hospital, parking at the health precinct has never been easy. Traffic studies performed by ARUP indicated that sufficient parking spaces are available surrounding the health precinct, however, a reliable parking management solution is required to improve the parking turnover.



eSMART 21 offered the City of Playford to supply a sensor-based on-street MetroPark smart parking solution that will deliver a more – on demand outcome, for parking patrons within the Lyell McEwin Health Precinct of the City of Playford. The solution will deliver a resource efficient outcome that will demonstrate potential efficiencies that can be rolled out across the city and deliver a convenience that patrons will see as a great technological move forward.


In collaboration with the Australian Smart Cities Consortium, University of Adelaide, smart parking data obtained from the MetroPark technology were analysed and presented to the Council. Appropriate traffic control will be implemented accordingly to improve the parking turnover.

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