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AutoFine is a fully automated car park monitoring and citation system for on street parking in your area. This technology allows you to save thousands of dollars in resources and expenses by helping to enforce local parking legislation through issuing infringements.


The AutoFine system uses advanced dual detection in-ground sensors and high-resolution internet protocol cameras to monitor a car park or street plus specifically designed software to manage fines and overstays, ensuring all the hard work is done for you.

AutoFine saves countless people hours, offers significantly less human error, more accurate results and more infringements are identified. It offers higher accuracy than manual inspecting and the capacity to record offenders as well as fine drivers who overstay their parking allowance.

AutoFine imaging system

AutoFine imaging system

Dual detection in-ground sensor

Dual detection in-ground sensor


Furthermore, it automatically generates high quality reports, in depth data analysis and improves revenue, whilst providing reliable records that can be used for legal proceedings.

Proven to increase car park turnover and occupation, bringing more people to your council region and helping achieve your broader organisational goals.

The AutoFine system offers:

  • Intelligent analytic software tools for comprehensive reporting

  • Highly flexible and scalable systems

  • High resolution camera technology

  • Night vision camera technology

  • Very accurate dual detection sensing technology

  • Vandal proof installation

  • Outdoor traffic sign integration

  • Simple integration with external and third-party software.


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AutoFine Case Study

How the City of Charles Sturt increased parking turnover by 34%


City of Charles Sturt is one of the largest local government areas located in the western suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. The City of Charles Sturt has been receiving complaints from traders for not having sufficient car parks on Port Road due to overstaying by the tram commuters at the one hour time-limit areas.



eSMART 21 proposed a trial of AutoFine enforcement technology to address the overstaying issue.


Within seven weeks of the system trial, parking turnover had increased by 34% in the monitored spaces. Within five months, the system has caught over 412 overstayers and City of Charles Sturt has issued 285 fines after allowing a grace period of 15 minutes.

This new technology has increased car park turnover rates by 34 percent in our trial area where we have in the past received numerous complaints from local business traders who rely on car parking turnover for the success of their business.
— Ms Donna Dunbar 
Manager of Public Health and Safety
 (City of Charles Sturt) - LGFocus

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