Our vision is to reduce traffic congestion caused by vehicle cruising for parking.



In realising our vision, we develop open platform-based innovative solutions to fully automate the recording and analysing of car parking activities and provide a user friendly experience for drivers as well as increasing operating efficiency for system operators.

eSMART21 develops technology solutions that are designed to improve vehicle turnover and increase operational efficiency, and increase parking revenue with minimal reliance on compliance officers.
— Dr Jega Balakrishnan, Founder and CEO.

Core Values

Simplicity is the hallmark of every eSMART 21 Associate.  In order to deliver high quality services and supports, and improved outcomes to our customers and partners, we keep our processes and solutions simple. 

Innovation keeps us moving forward. We take entrepreneurial approach while devising solutions for a problem.

Respect helps us to value each individual’s unique qualities, honour diverse life and work styles. We treat our associates with mutual respect.  

Integrity means doing the right thing. Interactions with our associates are transparent, honest and ethical. We do not cut corners. 

Continuous Improvement enables us to keep learning and improving. To assure customers and stakeholders, we continually measure, monitor, analyse and improve productivity, processes and ourselves.


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