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Parking Asset Management

asset-man-articleeSMART 21 can help with any aspect of managing the space or infrastructure of a car park. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in parking solutions, we will ensure that you get the most out of your asset.

For those building a new carpark, we can help devise the optimal layout, to ensure that parking capacity is maximised while minimising congestion and maintaining safety.

For those who own an existing carpark, we provide measures to maximise utilisation, as well as monitoring and access control technologies.


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Asset Management

eSMART 21 can assist with many aspects of managing a car park, including the following:

  • Facility management
  • Tariff administration
  • Parking enforcement
  • Maximising turnover and revenue

Demand Planning

eSMART 21 can analyse carpark usage and provide detailed reports, featuring the following:

  • Real time status monitoring
  • Weekly/monthly usage reports
  • Revenue and turnover reports
  • Seasonal reports during events


With a wealth of knowledge in Australian parking, we can provide advice on the following:

  • Latest parking technologies
  • Maximising revenue
  • Attracting more clients
  • Enforcement issues