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Parking Enforcement

CarparkOur flagship product, SMART ePark™, is an automated parking enforcement system, which utilises the latest hardware and software technologies to provide an efficient and cost-effective alternative to parking compliance officers. The system features a combination of:

  • Vehicle detection sensors       
  • Smart IP cameras
  • Central software system


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The system is aimed to:

  • Maximise parking space utilisation
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase parking turnover

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For vehicle presence detection, we select sensors with the following features:

  • Multiple detection methods
  • High detection accuracy
  • Wireless transmission capabilities
  • Minimum or no excavation required
  • IP68 compliant


We select monitoring technologies for the collection of visual evidence, with the following features:

  • High resolution
  • Wide angle range
  • IR lighting for poor lighting conditions
  • Feed sharing options for city surveillance
  • IP66 compliant


The core component of SMART ePark, the citation software coordinates data from sensors and cameras to identify parking offenders, with the following features:

  • Temporary parking control handling
  • Permission for parking exemptions
  • External software programs integration
  • Query handling & remote support
  • Usage statistics for future planning


In paid parking areas, we provide smartphone-based payments, offering a simple and eco-friendly payment solution, with the following features:

  • Supports smart payments (Eg. Mobile App payments, IVR payments)
  • Allows users to extend purchased parking time remotely
  • Electronic tax invoice for parking usages