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Strategic Partnership | Cisco Systems and iiNet

eSMART 21 is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Cisco Systems and iiNet as part of the Smart+Connected 'Lighthouse City' initiative for the Adelaide City Council.

Together, we have recently won a 3-month trial contract worth $250,000 for smart parking and ligthing solutions with the Adelaide City Council.

eSMART 21 will be developing an innovative smartphone application to allow citizen to find vacant parking spaces and make smart payments without the old style parking meters.

See the following link for more details:

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Report: Adelaide Introducing Parking Spot Sensors To Catch Overstayers

Flesh-and-blood parking inspectors could soon join the ranks of workers displaced by computerised systems, with new sensor technology to be deployed in Adelaide next year.

The city of Charles Sturt will be among the first in the country to trial the new automated sensors, designed to catch overstayers and maximise space availability.

Developed at The University of Adelaide, the new 'Smart ePark' will replace most parking inspectors employed by the Charles Sturt council in a bid to improve efficiency and turnover.

Report: Adelaide engineers develop electronic parking monitoring system

If you are a fleet manager operating in Adelaide, you might want to take some time to warn your drivers that the state may soon be cracking down on parking infringements with a new electronic monitoring system.

SMART ePark is being developed by the University of Adelaide as a way to maximise parking space and streamline the process of monitoring parking lots throughout the region.

Instead of the current manual system of parking wardens patrolling for over stayers, SMART ePark utilises a series of wireless sensors, cameras and purpose-built software in order to monitor parking spaces and ensure people are not leaving their vehicles unoccupied for longer than their allotted time.

Report : Is this the end of Xmas shopping parking pain?

A new parking management system being developed at the University of Adelaide should help smooth the parking process for both local councils and drivers.

The automated system, 'SMART ePark', aims to replace most parking inspectors and help councils maximise on-street parking spaces.

SMART ePark is being developed by electronic engineering PhD graduate Dr Jega Balakrishnan and colleague Indrajit Majumder, based at the University's business incubator, ThIncLab.

Their company, eSMART 21, and parking system were born in the University's eChallenge business plan competition. They have just signed a trial contract with Charles Sturt Council.

SMART ePark Revealed

eSMART 21 has revealed its SMART ePark system , an automated parking enforcement system which assists local councils in rectifying their vehicle overstay problem through providing electronic monitoring.

eSMART 21 has yet again participated in the ZEN eChallenge 2012 Ventre Showcase judging activity. This year, there were sixteen semi-finalists whom participated in the showcase. For further insights click on this link

eSMART 21 Established.

eSMART 21 was established in April 2010 through participation in eChallenge 2009 Business Plan Writing Competition at    The University of Adelaide. After being a semi finalist in the competition, the team secured a grant from ECIC of The University of Adelaide and established the company at the Adelaide University Busines Incubator at Thebarton, SA.

eSMART 21 is composed of a group of young, energetic and multicultural entrepreneurs based on pragmatic and task-oriented cultures to satisfy the clients through innovative and creative technology solutions. At eSMART 21, they believe that people are their strength. With the right knowledge, skills, expertise and experience, eSMART 21 makes sure to get the job done properly.