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Our vision

With the IT revolution of the 21st century, many aspects of our lives have been transformed by technology through marked reductions in the rigour of traditionally time-consuming tasks. Our grand vision at eSMART 21 is to revolutionise parking management in the same manner.

  • We aim to create a parking technology which is fully automated, requiring no user input to record and process transactions.
  • We seek to provide a more user-friendly experience for drivers as well as increasing operating efficiency for car park owners.
  • We plan to incorporate a smart payment system and parking availability indication system through our smartphone app, to make parking hassle free. 

Our expertise


Our vast knowledge of the parking industry has been manifested in our flagship product, SMART ePark - an inspectorless parking enforcement system. We have thoroughly researched all aspects of parking in Australia and similar environments, both technical and legal, in the development of this system.

Software technologies

We develop our own software and are knowledgeable in a wide range of software tools including the .net framework, visual basic and app development.

Surveillance technologies

We are well researched in surveillance technologies, for monitoring carpark activity. This includes cameras, lenses, network devices and wireless transmission technologies.

Sensor technologies

We have vast knowledge of sensor technologies, for vehicle detection with the highest possible accuracy. We utilise magnetic, optical and infra-red sensors for indoor and outdoor applications.

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